The Blue Davenport, LLC is a full service spa serving the Rhinelander area. With independent service providers dedicated to customer care, we provide therapeutic massage, facials, chemical peels, body treatments, full service waxing, nail services, and eyelash extensions. We are a one stop shop for rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

Nichole's Esthetics

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Nichole Ellis

WI License #3929-86

Nichole graduated with her Esthetician license from the State College Of Beauty Culture. She has had a passion for skin care for years and turned it into a career. Her favorite part about her job is helping people relax and reach their skin care goals.


(in the office for appointments only)

Tuesday 10am - 6pm

Wednesday 10am - 6pm

Thursday 10am - 6pm

To contact directly:

call or text 715-437-0147



15 Minute Facial

A perfect mini escape! Great for relieving some tension.

Included: Cleanse, Massage, Tone, Moisturize

$15 - 15 minutes


30 Minute Facial

New to facials?

Then this is the one for you, a taste of what Nichole 

has to offer.

Included: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask with Scalp Massage, Tone, Moisturize

$40 - 30 minutes

45 Minute Facial

Don't have time for a full hour, don't worry this facial is just for you!

Included: Cleanse and Exfoliation (under steam), Optional Extractions, Massage, Mask, Tone, Moisturize

$60 - 45 minutes

60 Minute Facial

This facial is customized to revitalize your skin type, has the core essentials including Cleanse, Exfoliate, and Enzyme (Under Steam), Hand or Foot Massage, Optional Extractions, Massage, Mask with Scalp Massage, Tone, Moisturize

$75 - 60 minutes


90 Minute Facial

Indulge yourself with this deep relaxation facial.

90 minutes of pure bliss!

Included: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Enzyme (Under Steam), Exfoliating Hand Treatment, Optional Extractions, Massage, Custom Blended Power Treatment, Peppermint Citrus Foot Massage, Mask, Eye Treatment, Tone, Moisturize, and any additional product needed

$95 - 90 minutes


90 Minute Anti-Age Facial

This facial uses top of the line Anti-Aging product to help you capture that fountain of youth you have been looking for.

Included: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Enzyme (Under Steam), Exfoliating Hand Treatment, Optional Extractions, Massage, Anti-Age Power Treatment, Peppermint Citrus Foot Massage, Firming Mask, Eye Treatment, Tone, Eye Cream, Probiotic Serum, Blurring Cream, Moisturize

$115 - 90 minutes  

Back Facial

Great for an itchy back or if you are prone to break-outs

Included: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage, Mask, Tone, Moisturize

$55- 45 minutes

Foot Facial

First I will soak your feet in a cooling peppermint/orange Epsom salt bath. After that, your feet will be dipped in paraffin and wrapped. Heat will be applied to help soften your feet. The paraffin will be removed, and then I will gently exfoliate your feet. After exfoliation your feet will be treated to a cooling mask, and after that I will complete your treatment with a luxurious 10 minute foot massage with lotion to lock in moisture.

$60- 60 minutes


Herbology Hand Treatment

Exfoliating and nourishing treatment for soft and silky hands.

$10 - 10 minutes

Herbology Foot Treatment

Great for exfoliating and nourishing dry, cracked feet.

$10 - 10 minutes

 24K Gold Eye Mask

Firms, lifts, and brightens the eye area. With just one treatment you will see amazing results!

Already included in both 90 minute facial services.

$8.50 - 15 minutes

Lactic or Glycolic Peel

Add a Lactic or Glycolic Peel to any Facial Enzyme.

Note: combination lessens effects

$20 - no extra time required

LED Light Therapy 

 Suggested to come in weekly for faster and longer lasting results, or a great add-on to your facial! 

$15 - 15 minutes


Stimulates collagen and increases healing. Ideal for Anti-Aging


Kills bacteria and is calming. Ideal for acne healing


balances color pigment and helps with redness. Ideal for Rosacea, Hyper-pigmentation.


Improves oxygen reach to the cells and improves lymph drainage. Ideal for Asphyxiated or congested skin.


Dual red and blue. Ideal for adult acne.

Clear Blue

Enhances cell energy and metabolism. Ideal for mature skin.


Improves appearance of sagging skin, and promotes tissue strength. Ideal for after massage, loss of collagen or elasticity in skin.

LED Light  + Infrared Therapy 

Use of this machine, with the combination of LED light and infrared waves, penetrates deeper into the skin for improved results.

$25 - 15 minutes


 water exfoliation 

$10 - 15 minutes

Body Treatments


Salt Body Polish

Need a quick exfoliation and moisture boost? A moisturizing mineral, salt scrub gently exfoliates your skin followed by a body cream to make you feel like a new person in a short amount of time.

$30- 30 minutes

Body Luxe Hydrating Body Treatment

Relax while a moisturizing Mud is applied and enjoy a mini-facial while it processes! The Mud is lightly removed and then excess is rubbed in leaving your skin silky smooth.

$50- 45 minutes

Herbology Body Treatment

Hydrating Chinese Herbs and sugar gently exfoliate your skin and seep in while you’re wrapped up to cozily enjoy a mini-facial, and followed with a body cream that dissolves any excess product and leaves your skin moisturized and smooth.

$65- 60 minutes

Rose Body Treatment

Enhances Cell renewal and Extreme hydration, Great for Aging or Dull/Loose skin, includes mini-facial. After you shower, a body cream is applied for increased moisture.

$65- 60 minutes

Detoxifying Body Treatment

Extracts pore clogging impurities and improves skin texture. Includes mini-facial and body cream application after showering.

$65- 60 minutes

Firming/Reducing Cellulite Body Treatment

Firms, Stimulates, and Tones. Includes 30 minute facial and application of body cream after showering.

$95- 90 minutes

Anti-Age Body Treatment

Melt years off your skin all while you relax with this treatment that includes exfoliation with salt scrub, a firming mud wrap, a 30 minute facial, and application of body cream after showering.

$125- 120 minutes

Chemical Peels

Customized Chemical Peel

Microscopic peeling great for anti-aging, blemish control, lightening the skin, and deep hydration.
Caution: your skin could be a little dry for a couple days.

$20 - 30 minutes

Cranberry Turnover Peel

Resurfaces and refines skin and pores, removes oil and debris, is an antioxidant, and helps to reduce inflammation. Very tingly and flaking will occur in 4-5 days. Can be used on full face or as just spot treatment.

Prices Vary per Consultation

TCA Depigmentation

Helps reduce stubborn acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. Visible peeling for a few days.

Note: Applied and left on, washed off at night by client so plan accordingly.

Prices Vary per Consultation - 30 minutes

ASK about custom Dermalogic PRO Peels

Prices Vary per Consultation


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation technique using a 10G blade to remove surface debris, increase absorption of topical products, creates healthier more reliant appearance, and primes the skin for a chemical peel. 

$85 - 1 hour 15 minutes

Add-On Mask or Enzyme - $10

Add-On Peel - $20

Add to any facial - $50

Brow and Lash Treatment

Eyebrow Tinting

$30 - 30 minutes

Eyelash Tinting

$30 - 30 minutes

Eyelash Perming

$60 - 60 minutes

Eyelash Perming and Tinting

$80 - 75 minutes


Eyebrow Wax

$15 - 15 minutes

Lip Wax

$15 - 15 minutes

Chin Wax

$15 - 15 minutes


Underarm Wax

$20 - 15 minutes

Half Arm or Leg Wax

$50 - 60 minutes

Full Arm or Leg Wax

$95 - 90 minutes

Back Wax

$45 - 45 minutes

Bikini Wax

$30 - 30 minutes


Sugaring is a type of hair removal that is ideal for people with sensitive skin.

Sugar only grips the hair, not the skin, and gives you the same, great results as waxing.

Best results for medium to dark hair, but does not work well for fine, blonde hair.

Eyebrow  Sugar

$15 - 15 minutes

Lip Sugar

$15 - 15 minutes

Chin Sugar

$15 - 15 minutes


Underarm Sugar

$20 - 15 minutes

Half Arm or Leg Sugar

$55 - 60 minutes

Full Arm or Leg Sugar

$100 - 90 minutes

Back Sugar

$50 - 45 minutes

Brazilian Sugar

$70 - 45 minutes

Brazilian Touch-up (2 - 4 weeks) Sugar

$50 - 45 minutes

Bikini Sugar

$35 - 30 minutes

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