The items and product lines carried by each professional are quality, effective, and chosen for your specific needs. How do we know they work? We use them! Just ask us how awesome they are and we will give you our own testimonials. We want you to love them as much as we do!


Tranquil Thunder Massage Pain Management and Self-Care Products


Theraband Roller Massager

$35 +tax

Stretch Strap

$20 +tax

Neckbones Cervical Pillow

$20 +tax

Rad Roller Massager

$30 +tax

Ergo Beads Compression Eye Mask

$20 +tax

Headache Hammock

$45 +tax

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Lotions, Creams, Pain Relief

BonVital Foot Balm

$15 +tax

Tiger Balm Muscle Rub 2oz

$15 +tax

Tiger Balm Patches

$2 +tax per Single Patch

Cryoderm Magnesium Cream

$25 +tax




$1 +tax

Cryoderm Heat

$1 +tax

CBD Level 3

$2 +tax

CBD Level 5

$3 +tax